High-Quality Car Tires & Custom Wheels

Make an impact with high-quality car tires and custom wheels from USA WHEEL & TIRE INC in Sacramento, California. We have a huge selection of wheels, tires, and rims for your car, truck, or SUV.

Wheels & Rims

Show off your new ride! We have everything from 13" up to 30" rims in a huge range of styles, colors, and designs. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will be happy to help you pick out the perfect wheels for your vehicle. Your car will look truly unique with our range of specialty products, including:

• Chrome Rims
• Face Rimes
• Two-Tone Rims

• Color Rims
• Spinning Wheels


A good set of tires is essential for torque, traction, and overall performance. We sell great products and make sure you get the right fitment, design, and look so you can get the most out of your vehicle. Our stock includes:

• Low-Profile Tires
• LT Tires
• Mud Terrain Tires
• All-Season Tires

Mounting & Installation

Mount new wheels without the risk of damage to your vehicle. We use the newest Hunter Auto 34 Changer, which dismounts your old wheels and mounts new ones without any bars. This machine can handle any wheel size from 13" up to 34". We install:

• Wheels
• Tires
• Hub Rings

• Spacers
• Adapters

Flat Repair

Save money by repairing your flat tire at our shop. We offer both outside plug and inside patch repairs.

Contact us to improve your car with custom wheels and tires.